Lorraine Dufour

  https://www.borealiscopywriting.ca/ Lorraine is a freelance copywriter for Canadian eco-friendly small businesses.


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The 2022 WH Conference on Hunger and the Significance of Mobile Market Programs

If you’re a fan of healthy food access like we are, then you’re likely aware the White House recently held a monumental conference on...
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Exploring The Value of Mobile Market Programs As Community Wellness Initiatives

Fighting for food justice and increasing food access is incredibly hard, yet rewarding work. Don’t you wish that more people understood that? Well, we...
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The Farmers’ Truck 2021 Retrospective: Crazy Challenges and Fantastic Growth

Being a company dedicated to food security, our success isn’t measured by dollar signs but rather by our social impact. Last year saw no...
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4 Ways to Reduce Gender’s Influence on Food Security at the Community Level

Even in the world’s richest country food security and food access aren’t blind. It disproportionately affects non-white Americans and females. Given all of the...
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Seniors’ Food Insecurity: 4 Ways Mobile Farmers’ Markets Can Ease This Growing Problem

The baby boomer generation is still booming in their golden years. And that’s great for the healthy older adults who can cover their healthcare...
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Who Benefits From Community Food Systems? 3 Ways to Support Them and the Reasons Why

Have you ever tasted a tomato?  No, really. I mean, actually tasted one?  I know, I know, you’re thinking, “of course I have!” Chances...
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The GoFarm Approach to Creating a Strong and Sustainable Local Food System

*This is the first article in our three-part Inspiring Changemaker 2022 Series, where we highlight the amazing work of some of our incredible clients...
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Why Chronic Disease and Obesity Make COVID-19 Worse, and What’s Being Done About It

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began almost 2 years ago, our food supply system has been turned upside down. It’s a lot harder to access...
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How the Blue Zones Project Can Boost Your Community’s Health and Happiness

What’s the true cost of an unhealthy lifestyle?  Well, it’s about $3.42 trillion US.1 That’s how much it costs per year to treat chronic...
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